Multi Series Histogram

I've been trying to create a histogram graph showing multiple arrays/series side by side, but all the options of the 'Plot' method don't seem to enable me to achieve what I would like, which is something like this...


Does anyone know if this is possible?

Yes, everything is possible!

Histograms such as yours are doable via low level graphic functions (See Gfx*).


I use my own coding but you may take a look at Report Charts folder of Charts window (see "Profit table" AFL there, if applied on chart then open Parameters window for choosing Yealry profits, Avg monthly profits histograms) to get idea.


Alternativally (with less bells and whistles but less coding effort) you may use Exploration XY charts feature Scan, Exploration Backtest


Thank you for your reply.

I'm not too sure what you are looking at when you said this...

My '3. Profit' file builds the html table used within the back test report and doesn't create any graphs?

I shall investigate the low level graphic functions as I want the graphs in the backtest report.

I just have seen that AmiBroker seem to have removed histogram code from profit table AFL in recent AB version. I didn't realized that as I use my own report charts AFLs.

Here is the old one

If you need different background color then for example add below line after GfxOverlayMode(2); line of upper code.

GfxFillSolidRect( 0, 0, Status( "pxwidth" ), Status( "pxheight" ), colorWhite );