Multi-threaded Individual Optimization with Custom Backtester Limitations

When might the Amibroker Multi-threaded Individual Optimization for use with the Custom Backtester (CBT) be available?

My new "Indicator Combo" Individual Optimization requires about 961 runs for an Individual Optimization. I understand Amibroker's Custom Backtester / Optimization is (for now) limited to a single thread based on the limitations described below.

In my particular case, using a single thread, the full set of 961 executions takes approximately 90 minutes (Intel 3770K 3.5ghz) . This is an amazing feat, and it makes me thirst for a faster result.

Amibroker Documentation states:
CHANGES FOR VERSION 5.64.0 (as compared to 5.63.0)
New Analysis: Multi-threaded Individual Optimization (experimental). Upto NumberOfCores faster. Note: no CBT and only exhaustive mode is supported as of now. The new optimizer is called "Individual Optimize" in the New analysis window and you can access it here:
Custom backtester is NOT supported (yet)
Smart optimization engines are NOT supported - only EXHAUSTIVE optimization works. Source: Multi-threaded individual optimization


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It is very difficult because custom backtester interface uses OLE and OLE does not work with worker threads. Allowing custom backtester means total re-implementation of object interface to be OLE-independent. It is planned but neither easy or quick thing to do. Doing things like that require a) good mood, b) inspiration and many other positive things that drive the energy but currently I am constantly fighting problems NOT created by me (for example Intel screwing up their chips, Yahoo screwing up their servers, Microsoft screwing up their runtime environment and many many others) so don’t hold you breath, as it will take time.

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The World is an imperfect place. I’m just glad all YOUR stuff actually works!