Multi time frame RSI


My question is on the chart.

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Exactly as you said
As we can see in the picture daily RSI is 57.07, and will stay the same number until the next daily bar arrive.
So that mean at any timeframe «from daily to minute» dailyRsi value will appear in the chart updated.

i Just guess you maybe need to do something like, to run a part of the code every hour?
is not clear to me what you try to achieve
Read below link to have an idea

NEWDAY = Day() != Ref(Day(),-1);
NEWhour = Hour() != Ref(Hour(),-1);

this code is for HourlyRSI if your chart time frame is below hour

TimeFrameSet( inHourly ); 
HourlyRSI = RSI(14);
 Plot( TimeFrameExpand( HourlyRSI, inHourly ), "HourlyRSI", colorRed ); 

@PanoS ,

Thanks a lot.

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