Multiple chart panes with single afl formula

Is there any way to have a single afl formula plotting in multiple chart panes? I know I can use multiple formulas. Sometimes I want to reduce the number of plots in a single pane and spread the plots across multiple panes. Any ideas?

Simply insert the formula as insert linked. Single formula - applied on multiple panes (via applying insert linked option multiple times).


BTW there is paste special option (for copy&pasting whole panes).

Other than that if you want to have a master formula doing all calculations for all other panes then you may use static variables to call the results of the master AFL. But then you have several AFLs again.

Or another option:
Single AFL using Paramtoggle to toggle ON/OFF several plots not wanted in specific pane.

If( ParamToggle( "Plot Price chart", "ON|OFF" ) ) {
  // do someting

If( ParamToggle( "Plot ADX", "On|OFF" ) ) {
  // do someting

@fxshrat Thank you for the prompt reply. You've given me an idea. I'm considering programatically checking the chartid to determine which plots to render in each pane. A single master afl formula could store all the chart ids in static memory and also remember the order in which the charts were created. Then conditionally execute each plot function based on the order of chart creation.

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