Multiple Data Feeds used in One Window

Please let me know if the following is possible in AB, and if so, how? My attempts to do the following have flopped.

The goal is to have multiple charts open and showing (non-full screen) in the same window showing the same symbol on multiple time frames.

Some time frames would be end of day, some intra-day such as a 60 min chart.

In addition, two data feeds are required. Yahoo data for the end of day charts and Interactive Brokers for the real-time intra-day charts. Interactive brokers end of day data is too limiting and Yahoo has no intra-day data.

So is it possible to display multiple charts in one window using 2 different data feeds? If so, how?

Thank you in advance for your assistance

It is simple:

  1. mark "EOD" symbol as "Use only local database for this symbol
  2. use IB plugin as "data source"
  3. Use File->New to create many charts with different intervals
  4. Use Window->Tile to tile them side by side

For multiple TFs in one window, one option would be Jorgen Wallgren's code in the library. Called "3TF Candlestick".

Thank you Tomasz that worked nicely.

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