Multiple Time Frame 2Day bars

Trying to debug my code and noticed my multiple timeframe is not working.
I'm trying to find inside bars on 2Day bars.
When I plot the result it's not what I'm looking for. Could it be my understanding and use of the api is incorrect? Here's my code:

TimeFrameSet( 2*inDaily ); // switch now to 2Day bars
inside2xDaily = High < Ref(High,-1) AND Low> Ref(Low, -1);
TimeFrameRestore(); // restore time frame to original

is2DayInsideBar=TimeFrameExpand(inside2xDaily, inDaily );

Plot( is2DayInsideBar, "Is2DayInsideBar", colorDefault, styleLine );

Hi @justintime please read TimeFrameExpand help and Multiple TimeFrame usage more cautiously. Extract:

TimeFrameExpand( array, interval, mode = expandLast ) - expands time-compressed array from 'interval' time frame to base time frame ('interval' must match the value used in TimeFrameCompress or TimeFrameSet)

Key point: 'interval' must match the value used in TimeFrameCompress or TimeFrameSet (2*inDaily in your case)


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