Multithreaded individual stock WFO?

Hello !

Just a quick question to understand inner logic of Amibroker better. We can make multithreaded individual optimization but if one will run WFO on current symbol then it will run only as 1 thread. I'm talking about exhaustive optimization, not CMAE/tribes etc.
I'm not sure that I understand, why it is like that. I suppose that WFO on single symbol should be just a set of individual optimizations with changing "from: to: " dates so why it is only one threaded ?

Thanks everyone for support and Tomasz for superior product !

Read this fine manual:

Thank you for the reply, Tomacz. I understand what is written there. But you wrote in that article that

"Starting from AmiBroker 5.70 in addition to multiple-symbol multithreading, you can perform multi-threaded single-symbol optimization.

  1. Custom backtester is NOT supported (yet)
  2. Smart optimization engines are NOT supported - only EXHAUSTIVE optimization works."

Exhaustive WFO without CBT on individual symbol could be just a set of these multithreaded individual optimizations. But it's still one threaded.
May be it is possible to add multithreaded single stock WFO in wishlist of Amibroker features ?
Thank so much again.