Mutual Fund Styleboxes where to get?

Hello friends,
I'm needing to be able to categorize mutual fund symbols into their appropriate styleboxes, Large Cap Value, Large Cap Growth, Large Cap Blend, etc. Can anyone advise 1) where to get this data for a list of tickers, and 2) how to attach that data to my mutual funds that are already in my Ami- database.
Thanks for any help!

Ok so I was able to go to I believe it was schwab's website and scan their mutual fund data by styleboxes to get the data I needed. So I have ticker symbol and then Large Cap Value, Large Cap Blend, etc. Now how can I associate that with the ticker symbol in the database? Please explain as if you are talking to a 5-year old that eats crayon or a doberman retriever.

@TonyR probably the easiest way is to set this value into the Alias field that normally is not used, and then check that field in your code and explorations.

If you already created a text file with list in the format:

ABC,Small Caps
XYZ,Large Caps

(with all the tickers you would like to update, one line per ticker)

you can use ASCII import to import the values ​​and bind them to your database.
This is a bit tricky to explain to a doberman retriever, but the linked document and the "ASCII import" forum search will give you the instruction you need.

For example see this post; just modify the ASCII import instructions as needed:

$GROUP 255

(If you're not comfortable with doing this, I suggest you experiment with a new temporary database and when everything works as expected, import into your working database; it's also always good to have a backup copy of your database, for every eventuality).

If, on the other hand, you have few tickers and would like to do it manually, simply display the "Symbol Information" window (under the main menu 'Window' item) and fill in the appropriate field for each ticker.

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Thank you Beppe! much appreciated!

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