My Chart is Stuck

I am having a problem with My Amibroker 5.8. When I am surfing through different chart patterns on different stocks, Amibroker will hand up on one stock and I can’t get it to go to the next stock.
This seems to be very random, but quite annoying. When it happens it will wipe out any and all my chart annotations and I am religious about backing up the current chart and data.
Whenever this problem occurs it is not corrected by rebooting the software. It seems to be very Random.
Also, once this action occurs and I reboot Amibroker and then try to load My default chart, it will go back to the original chart that started the action and it won’t change. And it is only the chart that is stuck, all the other info will change and go to the appropriate selection. I am really confused about this. It is costing me a lot of time.
Can anybody help with this???