My layouts and chart templates disappear after I re-install window and amibroker

I re-install window 10 and install Amibroker again. (I install the latest version from 6.29 to 6.3 )
I backup the existing file and folder before installing a new window and move them to the correct path in C:\Program Files\AmiBroker. it is the same as previous surly both custom and layout folder.


how to recover all of them ???

Thank you

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It is not enough to copy just formulas folder and layout folder/files.
broker.* files are important also!
Read about important AmiBroker data files here.
So in your case original broker.newcharts file is missing. That's why you get that message(s).

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Look at this post

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Just to mention that AB stores certain information in Registry as well which should have been backed up.

An OS re-install will cause you to loose Certain settings and customizations of user interface.

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The Best and easiest way is as below.

Thank you all for lots of recommendation.

@technqvi, do you understand English language?

The solution to your issue of "chart can not be found" messages was given in post #2 already.
You were explicitly asking how to recover those charts (with three question marks even). Nothing more and nothing less.

I told you that formulas and layouts are not enough and in bold letters I told you that your original broker.newcharts file was missing and given link explaining what broker.newcharts file is about (and other important files and explanations to be found there). So obvious conclusion is to copy and replace broker.newcharts file on your new OS to get back old charts layouts.

Was that too difficult?

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I understand as you guide but i prefet copy entire folder
Thank you for guide