My Price Chart is squeezed after I added an Oscillator Indicator


My Price Chart is Squiz after adding Oscilator Indicator, Please Help
Please see the attach Screenshotindicator


@kaldarji you should add the oscillator to a new pane, NOT to the main price pane.

Please, see this document. This short video tutorial may also be useful (it is a bit outdated, but the functionality is still the same).

And, if you still want to overlay multiple indicators with different scales:

To have in one pane two (or more) indicators that use different scaling, drag the second indicator onto the first one, in Parameters window click on Style field and check StyleOwnScale setting.
Drag OBV (On Balance Volume) into RSI pane. Then define style as styleOwnScale. As a result - both indicators are visible and properly displayed.

(Another alternative is to use the styleLeftAxisScale)


Definitely a short squeeze happening there.

Just double click the indicator and it will appear in a different pane. That's the simple answer. The full answer is what beppe said.

Thx for your Exper Advice Sir...

Its done!!!