Name() function capable of returning Symbol name from explorer results?

name() function returns Symbol name when the chart is open. Same is true for O,L,H,C values- they are linked to the current chart.

My requirement is to get the Symbol name from explorer result itself as well as O,L,H,C without opening the charts. This is not from perspective of saving effort, I want to auto create orders from the explorer results on real time basis.

Suggestion of any other way to address this issue is also welcome .. like in the chart symbol programmatically can be changed to the results of explorer.

Yes, you can return Name() and O,H,L,C in explorer as well.

They are not restricted to chart.

Check out guide

This is true, symbols, OHLC data can be stored in explorer result itself.. even the other calculated data/indicator values.
The next step is getting those values from explorer to transfer to variables/interface program and for that I need to access/retrieve those.
That is the reason I am thinking if somehow the symbol can be changed in the open chart, then this name() function will work and retrieval of other values will be easy.

Or without changing the symbol in the chart, this is possible ?

Your issue is not clear.

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Name(), O,H,L,C are accessible everywhere.


Check out here

I could confirm today, the name() function can return the symbol name which appears in Explorer results.

I faced a different issue today.
The explorer is with 3 min time frame. But I my autorun frequency of the explorer is 10 sec.
Each time explorer is run the ORDERCREATE is getting triggered leading to multiple orders for single Explorer result.
I am giving my code here:

cond=(buyma OR sellma) AND comb;
ORder = IIf(buyma AND comb,1,IIf(sellma AND comb,2,0));
if(BsCond>0) {
brd = CreateStaticObject("connection"); 
if (Name()!=Ref(Name(),-1)) {
	if(!brd.GetConnectionStatus()) brd.Reconnect();

I am trying to restrict duplicate Order creation, so want to check current symbol with previous symbol before calling OrderCreation function.

System throws an error " Error 5. 1St argument of the Ref() call has incorrect type. The function expected an ARRAY, but found a String".
Any other way to stop calling OrderCreation for duplicate data...

This issue is resolved.
Details are in