Name() function should be used, was: STRFIND issue in Amibroker

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Hopefully this is in the right space and I get the issue across clearly as I believe this is trying to search the index $

I have some coding within a system that when activated it does not allow a backtest to occur.
I am using Norgate Data

StrFind( FullName()," ORD") - Now this symbol search is for Metastock so I have changed the ORD
StrFind( FullName()," .au") - This is now what I have in the coding as they are looking for the suffix I believe with this coding.

When I go to backtest with this bit of coding active it will not produce any results BUT as soon as I remove the coding (or hide it) I then start getting results in the BT.

Is there a particular way this is meant to be written to search for the symbols within the All Ordinaries Index and how it should be correctly written.

Hope I have explained it correctly.



Why do you need this? What are trying to do here?

Why don't you just filter over the 'All Ords'?


Hey Trend Surfer,
Thanks for the quick reply.
That makes sense, as that is what we do anyways, unfortunately it was coded with Metastock data in mind and being I have never used Metastock I have no understanding of how its BT and Exploration works compared to AB.
Because this would do the same for the Explorations as well so It may be a requirement for Metastock to have that bit of coding but not for AB to have it.

Cheers mate for the lightning reply


I do know that not only does the Index ($ have to pass certain criteria to confirm a trade but the Share Symbol itself has to pass certain criteria as well such as trend, volume etc, that is what I assume is why its there. But have put that question to the author of the system.

If you are using ticker symbol then it should be Name().
StrFind( Name(),".au")

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