Name Mapping For Data

Hello All,
I use Amiquote to download the data.

The format it takes to fetch data via Quandl is as below

Quandl maps this data with the name of the stock, however for download the link is
so Amiquote takes BSE/BOM539871 to fetch data

Is there a possibility I can map it with the name of the stock, currently the code is mapped

For getting the stock would like BSE/BOM539871 to be mapped with the name Thyrocare for instance so it can be easily understood

Could you please guide how this mapping of the names with the existing code can be done

Try adding the other ticker name to Alias field under symbol information.

While Alias is very helpful, limited IMHO due to so many available sources of data and differing brokerage symbol structures et al. So, I don't think it should stop you from making an instrument cross-reference dictionary of sorts (hopefully thru a script), which could just be read-in to get your answers. Even if it's just a .csv file etc. Taking perhaps 3 arguments,

SearchSymbol's Regime
DesiredSource Regime

You could then get the symbol for the desired regime. For example...
if you want the March 2019 Bund Futures symbol and have defined it in your dictionary for a few source regimes ( a little more complicated to get the root symbol and then how the regime constructs it's ex month and year) . You could over time add support for CQG, Bloomberg, Reuters, IB, CSI Data, Yahoo Finance, Google Finance...whatever.
Then you could query like...

string function(sym, symRegime, DesireRegimeSym);

function("FGBLH9.EX", "Yahoo", "BarChartDCom");

returns "GGH19"

You could even populate the symbol notes in AB actually.


@travick Thank you for your suggestion on Alias, could you please point me to a reference how to add alias field data while importing data. Or this needs to be done manually in Symbol Information

Alias is not the proper field for adding Company name.
There is other field for that already and it is FULL NAME field.

Alias rather is for adding alternative ticker.

How to import non quotation data from file is explained in Knowledge base section already
Read first article here at KB

So create text file with two columns. You may use Excel for that.

First column being Quandl ticker and second column being company name.

So e.g


Then add

$FORMAT Ticker,FullName

to "Additional commands" field of import wizard window. Again read that first KB article.
Check "No quotes" option as shown in upper KB link.
Also set "Skip lines" option from zero (0) to one (1) if you have added text file header (e.g Ticker,Fullname as shown above).

In example below I have just a header row and a single data row.
So if you have more symbols then of course your would have much more data rows one below the other one. I am just saying so that you do not create separate symbol files. You just need single data file containing all symbols with their fullname info!


if you want to add Alias and Fullname then do like this
Data file content:


Additional commands field info:

$FORMAT Ticker,Alias,FullName



Final result