Naming watch Lists

First -- I have not understood this post rgds. "Dragon" - I am a verified purchaser of Amibroker .

Now my question rgds. ver.6.28 - "Watch Lists" - there are 63 numbered watch lists - when I add new with a "name" the watch list no. is 64 - "Q" - is there any way to name watch lists -"0 to 63" -screen capture below.


If you mean rename them, then just click once on the watchlist you want to rename then click on it again to be able to change the name.


Alternatively, you can edit the file that contain this watchlist names i.e. index.txt. If you are using 64bit version, then it's in this directory.
C:\Program Files\AmiBroker\Data\WatchLists
Where "Data" is the database name. If the watchlist name is not in the index.txt file, Amibroker will not display it on the Watchlist menu.

Direct manual modification of the files is not advised. Use the UI and read the manual and this

All categories (not only watch lists) can be edited/moved etc using Symbol->Categories window (that is the easiest way).

Obviously one can also do an in-place name edit via single click on the list (it works in Windows Explorer too), but this way proves to be tricky for users not accustomed to the way how list controls work in Windows.



THANKS, I tried many times but could not get the desired result, think ur short video did the trick for me.