Narrow the times on the time axis

I am struggling with how to narrow the times on the time axis so that there is more time shown within the chart window. Assistance is greatly appreciated. Ideally, I would like to be able to set one day with some bars on either side and clear separation lines between close and open would be ideal. If it gets out of position again, I need to be able to move it back into position.

Are you asking for something different than the functionality provided in the menu View/Zoom/In and View/Zoom/Out?

Yep, that was it. Thank you Matt.

besides Ctrl+scroll wheel in/out, another option which I use frequently:
double left click to the left where you wish to start eg "some bars to the left" - should now have a green vertical line.
double left click to the right where you wish to finish - should now have a red vertical line.
Go to View>Zoom>single left click Range
To clear the vertical lines, just double left click anywhere in your chart (may have to do this operation twice).

Zoom Range can be applied really quickly, especially if instead of going to Menu --> View --> Zoom ---> Range, you just double click to mark the beginning of the range, double click to mark the end of the range and use the default keyboard shortcut --> Ctrl+Shift+R

Some examples and additional info:

Another possibility of zooming in/out is enabling Scroll bar zoom:

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You don't need to repeat this if you double click anywhere in the area marked with yellow color:



Matt, Chris25, Milosz,
Thank you for the zoom range info. That's very helpful!

Once again @Milosz thank you for posting something helpful! I know this is from awhile back but I hadnt come across it yet and have often wondered what use the range bars would be used for. In so doing I learned yet something else in Amibroker which is how to set custom keyboard shortcuts. I run Amibroker through Parallels on a Mac and the Ctrl+Shift+R didnt work when I first tried it. Dug a little deeper and found where these can be modified, so once again thank you!

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