Native Support for Point & Figure Charts on Amibroker with various points of reference

Hello Tomasz & the fellow Amibroker Community,

This is a request for the availability of Point & Figure Charts on Amibroker natively like we have other forms. I know there exist pieces of code on construction of Point & Figure Charts in the library, but would be great to have this feature built in with various other parameters related to it.
Any comment or suggestion is welcome.

Thanks & Regards,
Ankith Jain

Personally I've never used Point & Figure Charts for trading with real money, neither intend to because IMO candles actually depicts market's intent (read Steve Nison if interested).

Anyways, it is natively available in AFL already:

Plot( C, "Price", colorDefault, stylePointAndFigure );
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@Cougar - Thanks for responding. I know that there exists this stylepointandfigure. I was looking for something else though. Maybe not very clearly put up.
Anyway Thanks :):slightly_smiling_face::+1:

Reading the article Introduction to Point & Figure Charts suggests that you can easily create such a chart in AFL.

You would need GfxSetOverlayMode( 2 ) since there is no time axis and then follow the example given in GfxDrawText() to draw Xs and Os by programmatically scaling the Y-axis into custom boxes out of the Highest High and Lowest Low of the available data sample.

I've been using the P&F code posted in the AFL Library by Mandeep Singh on 5 Jan 2009 for many years. It works as I expect a P&F chart to be and look. I changed a few of the cosmetic values, but apart from that it's good to go. I use P&F to visually highlight areas of support and resistance and for a number of the patterns detailed in Jeremy du Plessis's book.

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@Chris25 - I’ve also been using that with a certain additions and modifications.
But as detailed in Jeremy Du Plessis’s book were you able to replicate the 1 box reversal chart?
In 1 box reversal, X & O can both be in the same column if there is blank space. I was wondering how can that be coded.
My intention here is to have a method to add various parameters such as horizontal, vertical counts as in the book.
Hope this clarifies the need. Do you have some solution for it?

Thanks for reading,
Ankith Jain

Hi Ankith,

no, I haven't modified the code to that extent, but it would make for an interesting exercise, and extend the usefullness of P&F. I just use the 3 box reversal and 1% price value.

I see du Plessis has published a more recent book on P&F. My vol is from 2006 (which has the 1 box reversal in the same column).


Indeed it would be an interesting exercise for someone who can. I’ve tried a lot and almost given up now.
And 1 box reversal in the same column is the right way of doing it.
Further parameters development on the subject is what I was looking for but ran into this obstacle.

For someone who can understand. This is what I am referring to.

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I do not think it is doable with stylePointAndFigure ( "X" and "O" in same column as in second picture below).


One-Step-Back of 1-box reversal

Few years ago I once made P&F AFL program fully via GFX for a friend (who is P&F evangelist and who looked for similar P&F view as in Bulls Eye Broker). So serving as encouragement... yes, it is definitely possible to do such 1-Box One-Step-Back via AmiBroker AFL (as we all know "everything" is possible where there is a will).



Hello @fxshrat,

The solution looks amazing and serves the purpose needed.
Very rightly said. It is possible where there is a will.
Although I would sound not so right or even like someone who’s given up, appreciate if you could share the AFL so it would be an amazing learning to look at the code and also try using it for some analysis.
It’d be perfectly alright if you wouldn’t want to share it. I Just admire the way the chart looks and would function. Appreciate you for replying.

Ankith Jain

Hello Ankith,
I was also looking for the same, can you please share your afl code for the above. Looking forward for your reply. It would help to learn better from your p&f code. Thanks for your effort and time.