Navigation: Quickly clear Symbols search bar? And also to "All" symbols?

Hi all,
Tried searching, newbie question about navigating the Amibroker interface:

  1. Shortcut to clear Symbols search bar?

So, pressing F3 or F4 quickly gets your cursor to the Symbols search bar (but doesn't clear the previous search).

After you type your search term & found your Symbol, the cursor focus moves away. If you don't clear the search bar, you might see empty results if you view other lists, and so on. So - is there a keyboard shortcut to quickly clear the search bar, instead of clicking on search bar again, then press Delete/Backspace? Or, how are you guys quickly searching for several symbols?

  1. Quickly select "All" symbols

Related, if you do clear the search bar, but forget to select another list, the search will only be limited to currently selected list. Sometimes I forget, and wonder no result. So - is there a quick way to move the focus to "All" symbols instead of previously selected list?

Will be wonderful if we can have one keyboard shortcut, when we press it, will automatically move cursor focus to the search bar, clear it, and then also select "All" symbols :heart_eyes:

I don't know what version you are running but in all most recent versions when you press F3 or F4 the ENTIRE existing text in the search box is immediately marked so if you type ANY key the letter you typed will REPLACE everything you had. You don't need to use delete or backspace.

I strongly suggest you to use at least CURRENT official version 6.40

Hi Tomasz,

Thanks for the response. Perhaps I wasn't clear enough.

  1. Going from your reply, I'd say what would be great if - when you press the F4 key (or other specified key), the ENTIRE existing text in the search box is marked, AND is cleared, WITHOUT typing/delete/backspace. So that - user is free to look at all symbols in entire lists.

  2. And going back to No. 2, if user already selected a list (Market, Group, Watchist etc), would be great if the same key also moves the focus to All.

The huge benefit is that it RESETS the previous symbol search, when user wants to look at all symbols. Sometimes user forgets, and wonder why list is empty, then have to press F3/F4, then clear the symbol, then select the oorrect list too.

Is this a better explanation? A shortcut key for "Clear & Reset of Search & Lists Selected, to Blank search box and All lists" perhaps.

It is marked already. Then you type ANY word and whatever there was, is cleared.
So it is ALREADY doing this.

  1. Press F3 -> The entire search edit text is automatically marked
  2. Type "T" -> The enitre search edit text is replaced with "T" and search results immediately show symbols including letter "T"
  3. Type "E" -> The "E" is added to the search term and search results immediately show symbols including substring "TE"

This is how it works in practice already (on the bottom there are keystrokes displayed):


And it is much better than "clearing" immediately, because you might want to ADD a letter to your previous entry (press arrow right to add at the end or arrow left to add at the beginning).

This is how things work EVERYWHERE and it is consistent with GUI design guidelines. They are there not because someone has such fantasy, but because it is solution that works.

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