Need help backtesting buy and sell signals for buying all time highs

Hey guys, apologies if this has been asked before. I am new, I've tried reading the forums and AFL guide but I still don't understand what is happening with my formula.

My issue is that my buy and sell conditions aren't doing what I want them to do. I am trying to buy new all time highs and then will run a trailing stop being once price closes below the 10day moving average it is a sell.

When I backtest my code, I notice when bringing up the signals on the chart that my buy signal isn't accurate and just buys and sells everyday underneath the 10ma.

In my coding, I usually just try to define all my variables as condition 1, condition 2 etc and then buy would be equal to condition1 AND 2 etc. and same for sell. I am not sure if this is the best way to go about my signals.

example code below I am having issues with.

Any help would be appreciated,

Cheers - Brad

Condition1 = Highest(Close); 
Condition2 = C < MA(C,10); 

Buy = Condition1; 
Sell = Condition2;

Should be:

Condition1 = Close == Highest(Close) AND Close > MA(Close, 10);



Legend thankyou so much!

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