Need Help Building Ichimoku Renko Trading Strategy

I'm trying to build an ATR smoothed RENKO Bar chart with an Ichimoku.

If anyone can point me in the right direction?


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More info into what I'm trying to achieve for providing clarity.

       I'm trying to build a formula for an ATR Smoothed  RENKO Bar and Ichimoku Cloud overlay strategy.  My platform will be sending the buy/sell signal through IB Controller linked to Interactive Brokers. 

-Buy long and Short criteria = -ATR smoothed RENKO Bar
-Ichimoku overlay
If all are true them Buy/Sell:
-BUY Long= 1) Price above the cloud
2) Chikou Span above the cloud
3) At least 2 green RENKO Boxes

    -SELL Short= 1) Price Below the cloud 
                         2) Chikou Span Below the cloud 
                         3) At least 2 Red RENKO Boxes 

    -SELL Long / Cover Shorts = 1) Prices Closes in the cloud 
                                                  2) Chikou Span Enters Cloud 

If you're able to assist or give helpful pointers It will be greatly appreciated.