Need Help: Plot 3 averages in 1 Line

Dear all,
I am trying to plot 3 type of moving averages in one line. The code as follows:

Plot( C, "Price", ParamColor( "Color", colorDefault ), ParamStyle( "Style", styleCandle, maskPrice ) );

A = EMA (C,8);
B = MA (C,20);
D = WMA (C,50);

3Lines = (A+B+D)/3;
Plot (3Lines,"3Lines",colorBlack,styleLine|styleThick);

I got a sense that I have to define value for each parameter (A,B, and D) but have no idea. Also no luck in findings any topic here.
Any help would be appreciated. Thank you very much.

Amibroker User's Guide:

Identifiers are arbitrary names of any length given to functions and variables. Identifiers can contain the letters (a-z, A-Z), the underscore character ("_"), and the digits (0-9). The first character must be a letter. AFL identifiers are NOT case sensitive.

So 3Lines variable name should be corrected first.


Thankyou very much!!! Problem Solved!!!

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