Need help to add list name column in exploration result

i have three segregated list of EQ, FO, MC symbols. I looking to help in how do i add list name column in exploration result.

Thank you in advance.

Do you mean displaying watch list names?

Check out here

You just have to edit watchlist number in example.

List1 = CategoryGetName(categoryWatchlist, 0);
AddTextColumn(List1, "List1", 1);
Filter = 1;
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@RUPEEXN if your "lists" are watchlists this code sample kindly provided by @Milosz may be something worthwhile to study to learn more about the "category" functions.

In this specific example, you will learn how to add the names of all the watchlists that include a certain ticker.

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Thank you codejunkie.
Thank you once again, very prompt reply.

Other examples by other users


Need your guidance, how do select multiple watchlist for exploration result..

In filter settings select multi watchlists of category menus.


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Thank you, worked for me.