Need help to bulk upload format

@beppe, i am using following format to update ticket details in bulk. But no result.

$FORMAT Ticker,Market,LotSize,TickSize

Read this

@RUPEEXN for sure you should carefully study the document linked by @Yogyatrader.

But, as stated there, "Novice users should start with ASCII Import Wizard."

Keep in mind that the format commands are separate from the data to import that are to be listed in a separate .csv file.

When you will succeed to import your data using the Wizard you can go ahead and save the commands you used in your own custom format as explained the "Import ASCII" guide.

Moreover note that, in general, in the .cvs files the requirement to use the quotes around fields data is to import correctly specific fields that may contain the separator (for instance a FullName field that may be "Max, Ruth & Co." - assuming the comma is the used separator).

Finally, when you post a generic question in this forum, it is better not to address it to a specific user, so anyone reading it could answer freely if she/he thinks to have the answer and/or to get more information to provide you a solution.


Can you help me..
If possible, can you do necessary changes in my format and revert me..

Thank you in advance.

Provide your original data format. You can not import multiple market. Remove market column.

Here is your solution

multiple group accepted in upload !

Please see the below given some record from my upload file


Got It, Done.
All symbol arrange as per my required group list.

Thank you