Need help to modified AFL to use as Exploration

Hello members,

request to help me, AFL AttachAll In One .afl (87.9 KB)
here want to be modified for Exploration to get a result which we get at amibroker window,

filters will

RSI (14)

thanks a Lot in advance supporting me..

adding supporting AFL which need to work All in one AFL,

copy to folder
create new folder to formulas as Include
and paste in folder Include (436 Bytes)

Great attitude @akil9399 As I can see, you imagine your participation in this forum like this:

  1. You find some code on the Internet (who knows where).
  2. Devote 1 minute to write a messy post describing your requests - today it is improving an AFL which consists of over 2500 lines of code !!! (your yesterday's code had only 500 lines...)
  3. Of course you expect it to be done for free ....
  4. Send out private messages to selected users with your requests...
  5. The next day you repeat all above steps with another "great" code ...

In exchange you don't even care to read forum rules ...

You have two options. Either you put some effort and learn coding in AFL or pay someone to do it for you.

Dear Milosz Sir,

i am sharing good AFL file to all group members also,
i did lot of hard work to find some good AFL file and did back testing also
this my hard work,

2nd i send private message to u only, non other members, if any ones received my messages plz post screen shot,

if any one interested do my job and ask some of fees i am ready to pay also,

Thanks a lot for paying attention to my post ,

people use forum to get solution. i am also doing same, what i did wrong ????

There's a big difference between asking other users for help or advice when coding something on your own and expecting other users to rewrite some unknown 2500+ lines of AFL code for you (for free) - according to your needs ( yesterday - in another thread it was 500+ lines ). Don't write, that finding such code on the Internet and pasting it as it is, was a big effort - it's ridiculus. Show some initiative and start coding - as other users do or find someone to do it for you.

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This isn't any special code, it is very old and many parts of different
AFL writers are copied together without mentioning the source.
You can find several versions of this code at wise.....trader. It could
be that there are other users that have listed your problem and you
could have support there.

@akil9399 adding exploration code is not difficult, but, if I were you, I will start to learn it with a much simpler formula, using only one or two indicators.

I see no need to pay anyone to create a basic exploration!

You can certainly do it by yourself. Just a good dose of commitment, a few hours of study and then try (and try again) to write and check the AFL code. (I repeat, just start with the simplest possible formula).

Here is a good introductory tutorial:

How to create your own exploration

Thanks Beppe.

I ll try my best to learn,

Ones Again thanks