Need help to undestand rotational trading

Hi there,
I have several question regarding what actually iam doing, because im not really sure. I have list 200 stock, and usually i do buy sell activity from explore/scan it, and than buy it or sell it. So from 200 stock , I set it

SetOption("MaxOpenPositions", 20 ); 
PositionSize = -100/20;
PositionScore = RSI () ;

So its mean max buy from afl signal is 20 stock from 200 stock with 5% each of buy from total equity and use high value of RSI to buy rank. Am I righ ?!


  1. From 200 stock , am I doing rotational trading, (i change buy and sell everyday at least 5 or 10 stock its mean short trade) ?
  2. I want use it for automaticly (im not use IB controller, nor USA stock ), is it posible buy or sell stock from 200 using scan/explore and than send it to broker API ?
  3. Or i must use EnableRotationalTrading(); to make it automaticly buy and sell for different stock ?

Thank you for help, all of part in this forum really help me a lot ! :grin:


See here for info on Rotational Trading.

Yes, search forum and/or Google for examples.

If you want to implement Rotational Trading then yes or to have more control (if required) use the CBT.

Thank you fo reply,

More question please, Do you use IB controller ? If yes, can you buy stock from scanning 200 list of stock and buy it from explore buy condition from afl every 1 minute...lets say 20 stock that match from buy condition afl, and buy it together or sell it all together at the same time ?

See previous posts on IB Controller.