Need Risk Reward Ratio Tool in amibroker

Was looking for Risk Reward Ratio Tool in AmiBroker . I think it’s not there , this tool is available in , .
This tool help in control risk and easily calculation also this tool will be save time monitoring recent winning trade and losing trade ,this tools will be on saved charts forever... ..

Some one Please Help me on this .. writing AFL Or amibroker must upgrade on its next release .


Wow, if all users were so demanding, @Tomasz would be working round the clock - all day and all night long.

Maybe you haven’t heard (because, as I can see in your forum statistics, you have 1 minute read time - yes 1 minute) but there is a proper place for such requests. It is the Feedback centre (available for registered users in the Members’s zone) and the backlog there is very long.

… but you need this in the next release and it must be done, so it is not suitable for you :wink: