Need to force backfill on all symbols in DB... one by one?

I was having internet problems which caused data holes in my IQFeed DB which I didn't discover until now. Rebooting the router fixed the internet issue, but is there a way to backfill all the tickers so I don't have to click "Force Backfill" on each one?

Note that I don't just have missing bars at the end of the DB, I have missing bars from earlier periods also, so I don't think this can be fixed by just running a "Buy=0" scan.

You don't need to do "Force backfill". Backfill is automatic and backfills missing data (from last update till now). All you need is to run scan with "Wait for backfill" option enabled.

(from last update till now)

But I need to fix holes that occurred prior to the last update, because there are older bars that were never delivered to my computer. More bars came in, but the data hole was never filled. I don't think "Wait for backfill" would fix the holes in the data prior to the last update.

It works individually on per symbol basis. It checks symbol by symbol for last available bar and gets extra 3 bars back anyway just in case

Some of my data holes were more than 3 bars back because my internet was slow, and may have been dropping packets. The next time it happens, I'll try the Wait for Backfill approach, but from what I remember of this morning, the most recent bars were ok, but the charts had huge gaps and/or bars that were more than 3 bars back (5-second DB).

Thank you for your help!