Need to remove EOD records from Intraday Database

Somehow I have imported 2 EOD records into my intraday database. I have 500 symbols in the database and 24 years of 1 minute history. Pictured below... first two records are the EOD quotes.

I can delete the EOD records one at a time using the "delete" function of the Quotations Editor (would have to go through all 500 symbols for this method) .

I cannot delete the EOD records using the "All symbols/single quote" function of the Quotations Editor. I can delete intraday records using the "All symbols/single quote" function. Would like to use the Quotations Editor to delete these records if possible.

Tried to delete the quotes from a chart using the "delete session" option under the "edit menu" as suggested on this forum. This works for the intraday quotes but not the EOD quotes.

Saw a reference about the use of "OLE" to delete the records. Never used "OLE".

Thanks for any help.

Delete Session should work for all symbols but you have to be in the "Daily" chart.

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Switching to "Daily" chart worked. Thanks so much.