Need to remove Intraday records from EOD database


This is my first post on this forum! I have managed to import 1-minute data into my EOD database (despite selecting EOD as the timeframe, and making sure that mixed timeframes option is deselected...). There's a few months of 1-minute data for maybe 100 tickers that I would like to remove.

I have seen how to delete EOD data from Intraday using Delete Session from a daily chart, however for the opposite issue, I am not able to activate Intraday charts to see (and hopefully delete) the 1-minute data. I have also enabled the mixed data option, since that seems to be what I have now, but still the Intraday chart option is not available.

The quote editor shows the EOD quotes, but unfortunately there is no ability to sort columns. This could be an easy way to deal with the issue in future?

Would appreciate any tips on how to save myself some time! :grinning:

Search for (or crreate ) & use an Exploration AFL ( with O H L C V output values) and then >
set periodicity as Daily > Explore > Export the Results in csv / txt format > Create a New DataBase > Import the exported csv /txt file/s using an appropriate data format.
Done your New DataBase will be of EOD data.


Very cool! Thanks a lot for the rapid reply...