Need vertical scroll bar for charts

excuse me for my bad english
I open 6 pane in one chart. the panes is very small and i want make them larger from y . how i make this?
i need a vertical scroll bar in my chart
fo better meaning of my request i send a picture
thanks fo help

(Image Source: Beginners' charting guide)
Left click mouse button down on R.H.S. "Y-axis area" > Move the mouse pointer Up & Down.

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this is my means
please attention to picture

As of now such a scroll bar is not available in AB and honestly I do not see a need either (my opinion only) because each pane holds a separate display and such a scroll bar might interfere with the current fluid-like configuration of chart windows (Floating/Normal).

Since I use multiple monitors, if I were you, would go for something like this: image
(Image Source: Flip Your Monitor Vertically)

Not advertising, AFAIK, you can easily setup such a thing using a Dell P2419H, then, based on your Graphics Card manufacturer's settings, you could flip the screen display.

This way you will have more vertical space and there will be no need to scroll. Hope it helps!

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thanks a lot
flip monitor vertically works !!!

You're welcome Ali,

May be after sometime once you get acquainted with AFL writing, you could club together the logic of the 6 panes (your trading idea) into one single pane generating buy/sell signals only. Then, you would no longer need to flip the monitor nor scroll the chart any more.

All the Best!