Network / internet stability affecting IBC

Hello All,

I was wondering if anyone can recommend a network stability test tool that can be used for long periods of time. Probably something based on network ping.

My AFL communicates with IBC, and uses GetPositionSize() to determine whether the current position has been stopped out. I believe that my internet connection or router is not stable, because I regularly (about once every 60 minutes) see messages flashing up that the realtime data plugin (using DTM realtime date feed) is not OK. This only last for a second or so, and everything is then restored .The problem is that when this happens, GetPositionSize() returns 0, and this is the trigger for my AFL code to close out the position and update records/statistics, etc.

I've found some web-browser based tools, however they only work for about 5 minutes max, and I would like to run the test for several hours.

Can anyone help?

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Many thanks @awilson. That was perfect!