New data more then nSize

Excuse me, when we wrote Dataplugin, we found that when there is a lot of historical data,

For example, in GetQuoteEx function then nSize = 6655225 , nLastValid = 6655224 ,

I want to add tick data with 50 tick. How do I do it?

How to set nSize > nLastValid more then 1000 or some other size

Thanks alot

It is the end user who decides how much data he/she wants, not the plugin. The end user sets the limit and you should just present nSize most recent ticks/bars. If you have more, discard oldest, replace with newest.

Many thanks for Your Answer ,

This is also the place I don't understand because I am at
Data Plugin Database setting
Number of bars is set to 500000,
However, I used debug to receive the GetQuoteEx
nLastValid = 6655224 , and nSize = 6655225
Obviously nSize is greater than 500000

So come to ask you advanced

You may have imported data using ASCII importer earlier. Such data won't be removed.

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yes ,

I am using ASCII importer earlier. so how to add tick data in this way

I am a registered user.

Sorry, I forgot to ask a question with a registered account.

Thank you for reminding

In the case of this case, how can we not discard old data and add new data?

And I am wrong, nSize = 6655225, and nLastValid = 6655224
All the pQuote buffers are filled with data, so you cannot add data, without discarding old data.

I answered already in earlier post.