New EOD bars are downloaded , but charts are not updated

Hello Amibroker community !
Recently I noticed an EOD local bases problem. I created two EOD databases and update them from diferent sources using Amiquote.

After October 21, Amiquote imports new bars for my local database from the www site - the same way as usually. For The latest EOD quotations , they are present on www sites (yahoo, stooq) but charts bars are not being refreshed / updated. New quotations are downloaded and visible in separate .*aqh files at \Amiquote\Download\ dir.
No "auto update" nor "import into AmiBroker" works. Moreover, clicking "Auto update Amibroker database"button lists not a current db , but all databases tickers.
Any idea where the problem is and how can I fix it ?
Thank you in advance!

Check possibilities below:

  1. You need to be aware that OLE automation (which AmiQuote uses), imports to FIRST running AmiBroker instance. Therefore you have to be sure that database that you want to update is loaded in first (or the ONLY) running instance

  2. You are trying to import to plugin driven database (see Understanding AmiBroker database concepts) and they are read only unless "use only local database for this symbol"

  3. Maybe you have both 32-bit and 64-bit versions installed. In that case you need to be aware that 32-bit AmiQuote imports to 32-bit AmiBroker, and 64-bit AmiQuote imports to 64-bit AmiBroker, so you need to make sure which one you are using.


Thank you Tomasz for your time and help.
In the meantime I managed to update my local EOD databases (charts) manualy by importing new ASCII files from "\Amiquote \ download " folder .
Thank you again Tomasz for your answer . Now , automatic update works fine.

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