New feature suggestion for a faster way to type symbol

Thank you for your support and for creating a wonderful software.

I would like to request new feature for typing stock symbol.

Normally, need to push
F4 key then type symbol of stock, do some thing with the chart
then F4 type new symbol again...
Is it possible to skip F4 or have key that can access faster?

Thanks again,

That is just one key press and quite frankly you don't need to type anything. You can setup a watch list and use arrow down to go to next symbol in watch list.

So, no, there are no plans to save one key press.

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Yeah good idea!
When you do it in realtime, or when you teach people online (e.g. when they ask you questions), it mean saving people hundreds of key presses per day.

Also some people are use to with other software (usually don't need to press any keys to begin changing symbol), they might find it easy to like Amibroker.

As I said, why type symbols at all, when you can have watch list and you can SCROLL thru symbols within lighting speed (not achievable with 'other' software). Typing symbols all the time is waste of time.