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Lately I upgraded my Amibroker to version 6.40 where the ICB structure has been updated. I found out that the ICB number for some subsectores are wrong.

Here an example. It looks like ICB 302030 is duplicated, but if you go to icb.txt it isn't. It seems to me that Amibroker doesn't recognize correctly ICB 30203000 and it repeats ICB 302030.

This is not the only case. There are more like this one. Am I doing something wrong?


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These are NOT duplicates, these are exactly the items that appear in ICB.txt file but you did not notice them because you were not looking carefully enough. There are BOTH

302030;Mortgage Real Estate Investment Trusts


30203000;Mortgage REITs: Diversified
30203010;Mortgage REITs: Commercial
30203020;Mortgage REITs: Residential

present in ICB.txt file.

00 is a "parent" (you don't write 00).
If you don't like it you can remove it from ICB.txt file.

Anyway, icb.txt is plain text file you can do with it whatever you want.

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Hi Tomasz! Thanks for your reply.

I think I did not make myself clear.I know they are not duplicates as you say in ICB.txt.

The problem I see is that if a symbol has got ICB 30203000 I can not assign it in Amibroker. The only option it gives is 302030.

I know I could edit the ICB.txt and change 30203000 into 30203001, therefore it would work. But I was wondering for a cleaner solution.



As I wrote 00 at the end is meant as "parent" category, so 302030 and 30203000 are basically same thing


Indeed, for Amibroker it seems they are the same but they are not.

302030;Mortgage Real Estate Investment Trusts
30203000;Mortgage REITs: Diversified

If I categorize a symbol in Mortgage REITs: Diversified it goes incorrectly to Mortgage Real Estate Investment Trusts, its father but I want to differenciate both of them.

I guess the only solution is to avoid 000 in my categorization but I though as it is a recent update it would work properly.


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