New ticker name - Not enough data available

I'm downloading free EOD data from, and on January 21. 2021 a company on Norwegian stock exchange had changed it's ticker name.
But if I try to download data using Amiquote no data is downloaded and the screen in Amibroker says "Not enough data available".

I've checked and there I can see corrrect historical data since January 21. At least 5 days with data, but the menu "Size" in AmiQuote says "1 bars" downloaded even if I try to download quotes for the 5 missing days, so far.

Is this a problem I should report to Yahoo or can someone in this community give me any advice?

Amibroker v. 5.90
AmiQuote v. 4.06

Unfortunately your question isn't clear enough and does not provide all necessary details to give you an answer. Please follow this advice: How to ask a good question

Hint: SYMBOL??????

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Sorry for giving you too little information. I'll try to be more specific this time.

On January 21. 2021 the Norwegian company Axactor, listed on Norwegian stock exchange, changed it's ticker name from AXA.OL to ACR.OL. have correct historical data in thaier database as far as I could see, but AmiQuote will not dowload more than 1 bars, and that's too little to create a graph in Amibroker, as Amibroker need at least 3 bars.

Hope this information is enough to help me?

No problems here. Change the FROM date and re-download as shown in the video.


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