New to coding need AFL coding help

I am new to Amicoding and coding.
I need help with the coding. Anybody can help me with the code it will be a big help

So following is my requirement

I have a strategy which I apply to defined stock, it has to be executed at particular time in a day. If the formula is true I will go long.

If the formula defined above is true and trade get executed then an exit should happen on next day at defined time.

following is the structure

stock_name = XXXX.NS #name of stock on which strategy has to be applied
function = formula() #formula for entry

if time == t1 & formula ==1 #current day entry condition
buy = stock_name

if formula == 1 & time == t2 #next day exit xondition
sell = stock_name

How to get help on this forum.

Just my humble opinion but if you have no response to your post it is because either no one understands your request or (in your case) because you have made no effort to learn AmiBroker.

May I make a suggestion. There are helpful users on this forum, but they want to see you make an effort.

You should review the User Guide, read a couple of the Howard Bandy books, and the learn the resources in this thread,

Make an effort to code your system. Then post your code if it doesn’t work, and ask specific questions about where your mistake might be. Usually that’s when this forum will come forward to offer help.

If you are not willing to learn AmiBroker then hire someone to do it for you as there are plenty of experts willing to work for you,

Make an effort. Good luck.


I think @portfoliobuilder, that you underestimate @rudraksh.ele's efforts :wink:

He spent almost 1 minute !! on the forum and read 2 posts !! trying to find a solution, before he decided to write about his "requirements" :roll_eyes:


In the enclosed AFL ( multi time frame ) - calls AB Plot function, value 0 is being plotted whenever Null is passed to Plot, which is causing scaling to be messed up. Please advice if this is an issue with AFL or some other issue`