New to Community: Jhony5

Hello everyone.
I'm new in the forum. I just wanted to say hello to everyone and thank the Amibroker community. I have experience in Ninja and python. I hope I can help and contribute my grain of sand.
Best regards!


@Jhony5 welcome to the forum!

It is always nice to have people that worked with other tools and programming languages.

Try to be always very open-minded and ready to approach problems in a new way compared to many standard programming languages; It will take some time to get accustomed to the AFL's efficiency!

Quoting a recent post by @Tomasz (the AmiBroker developer):

...Key advantage and difference of AFL over ALL other languages is its native parallel array processing. Everyone knows how to use loops and there are zillions of "programming tutorials" that show loops. Yet very few people are proficient in vector processing.
What this forum needs is focusing on advantages (speed AND simplicity) of ARRAY (vector) processing, not on things that are done in 1980-way (loops).

Happy learning while coding!