New to Community

Hi Amibroker people.My name is Gabriel and I am a user of Amibroker for a while. I love the system and I hope to learn more from the other veterans here as well as contribute to the solutions as well.


HI, everybody.

I’m new to this forum, and I also hope this forum will help me to learn this excellent software.

I’d also like to help other users of AB, if posible…

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HI. I have a question about spamming restrictions. If my AFL question got fixed due to help by a generous user and I have some followup question somewhat related to the original query. Would it be ok to Private Message that user AND at the same time post the question to the forum after efforts have been made to ensure that the followup question is not redundant? Thanks.

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General rule is one thread per one thing.

Do not create multiple threads on same subject. If you have anything to add continue in SINGLE thread.

Creating multiple threads on same subject by the same person is considered spam and will result in deletion and/or ban.


Hi all

I joined in july 2017 but only been active this month , i am a rookie trader / rookie coder. Always looking to learn from fellow amibroker users.

Thank you all



Welcome to the Forum. It will be nice to see you TRANSFORM

Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

But Welcome. Read Lots, Try Lots, Learn Lots, and when stumped, show your work and ask your questions.



@snoopy.pa30 Thanks I will , I try frequently by looking at others code , sample codes. and reading the function refference .

@Tomasz btw , for the sake of not starting a new thread , is there an update to the pdf version of the user guide found here User Guide 6.00 ? , I would like to print the pdf version. thank you.

Thanks for the welcome

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hey there!!

joined the forum today - been using AB for over a year now and I didn’t even realize that this existed!

just starting to learn to code. looking forward to the interactions



@pravi.iyer: Welcome.

Lots to learn here. Make good use of the Search, and post your work, and you should get lots of help, when you do run into an issue.

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I want to know

what is SellToFuse??

please explain me

Looks like it is a function from a 3rd paty dll (Presto.dll). Ask the author !

//please explain this code

//what is the meaning of a7=0;









@meeget13, I apologize in advance if this seems a bit rude, but I think that you already got the correct answer from @awilson.

The code you posted seems to be used with a 3rd party product, and your best chance to get help is to directly contact the vendor and read their docs.

Moreover, you are posting this request in a wrong thread (this is supposed to be used bt new members to introduce themselves/say hello!).

In addition to all the above, you pasted the source code without proper formatting; see this How to paste source code

Here are some general recommendations for new users:
Before posting please read this
How do I learn AFL?


Hello Antonio from Philippines. I want to be a daytrader someday. I started AB just a couple of days ..hope to maximize the use of it in my trading.

GOd bless and wish all the success for all traders


Hi folks. I am Vinod from India. .Daytrader .. Trying my hands on with amibroker with some basic level programming..


Hello to AmiForum community.
I'am living in Greece, the country that has the largest debt across the globe.:smile:
I hope the community can help me, so i can pay it myself.


@chrismet, when you get that ("Holy Grail") code working, don't forget to share it with us.... :roll_eyes:


Hi All,

I'm Roger, or BlackCat online. I work as a programmer by day and invest in my spare time. I recently bought Nick Radge's "Unholy Grails" and Andreas Clenow's "Stocks on the Move", which inspired me to buy Amibroker and try out momentum & trend following strategies. Looking forward to discussing strategies and code with you all here.


Hi Everybody.
My name is Alejandro Garcia and I am new user of Amibroker.
I am not a professional trader nor a programer, just an aerospace engineer who wants to get some returns to his savings hehe.
However I have some experience in coding in other languages (VBA, python, tcl) and ProRealTime.
I am looking forward to join the community!


Hello everyone

I am Tushar.

I am fairly new (3-4 months) to this community. I have been reading lot of posts and discussion for last 3-4 months and doing some Amibroker learning.
I really appreciate the efforts put by Amibroker team and community members to make this community what it is today.

By background , I am learning to trade and have a little (while learning AIML) coding experience of python. I did read C and C++ during my graduation almost 2 decades back and don't recall anything now :slight_smile: . So I can not call myself a coder at all.

I have learnt Little bit of AFL also now. I made some exploration and internet function AFLs for myself.
But long way to go to be able get good confidence on it.

I will be seeking guidance on various challenges I face during writing some AFL codes.

Looking forward to more interactions with you all in future.