New user profile on the same computer

IT renamed the network at work which in turn created a new user profile on my Windows7 box. Amibroker still works, but I lost settings such as color scheme, tool bar customizaton, chart layouts etc. This does not make sence to me as all in the Amibroker folder and not in the user profile folders like so many other programs. I did not reinstall anything, just created an Amibroker icon on the new desktop. what do I need to do to fix this properly?


I suspect the change in Registry may have caused this.

This may not be entirely true as you can see here


Read the KB for detailed info.
Find a way to recover those Keys. I'd first try a simple search in the Registry, using TJP or Broker or Amibroker etc and try and locate it in the Hive.

If you do find it, under another user etc then export it and re-import in CURRENT_USER.

Note as a caution: Always backup / create restore point etc before making changes to critical windows files/registry.

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Hi Travick, thank you for your reply. I think you are right. I logged on to the old profile and the color scheme was correct but the toolbars had changed. Just going to be easier to change the colors and recustomize the tool menus.