Newbie Call For Help With IB Plug-In

Feeling inadequate having to ask after many hours of trying myself, however, i have reviewed all i can on this forum and the IB site and Google, etc and i cant seem to get the IB Plug-In to connect data to a new intra-day database for Australian securities. I am using Amibroker 64bit 6.30.0 Build Nov 30 2018 and the latest version of IB TWS Build 974.4o, Feb 26, 2019 12:24:05 PM for which i have an ASX Total data subscription. I have enabled API and Socket Clients in TWS API - Settings and opened as a trusted IP. I see that the documentation only mentions the API working with the 32 bit version - does that mean the 64 bit version is incompatible???

I normally use Norgate data for my EOD database so have created a new intra-day database in another folder which points to the IB Plug-In and 1 minute intervals as per the following images:


For some reason that i cant work out - Amibroker won't connect or backfill. I have tried disconnecting and reconnecting but get the same error message as per the following image.


I'm stumped and any help would be greatly appreciated.


Both 32-bit and 64-bit are compatible. That is not the issue. The message is clear - the plugin can not connect, which means it is connectivity problem between plugin and TWS.

  1. Check API port number in the Traders Workstation. Various versions of TWS may use different port (the default is 7496)
  2. If you are running firewall you have to make sure it does not block local connections


Many thanks for quick reply - firewall was ok - TWS port was set to 7497 for some reason and the change to 7496 has allowed Amibroker to connect. Currently trying to backfill my first ASX stock - OSH-ASX-STK-AUD which i eventually worked out from the Symbology guide and other forum posts - still struggling with IB throttling and market data connection loss but will keep at it.