No back-fill and no real-time streaming symbols on TWS 10.17.1q

Dear everyone,
( using version 6.39.1 x64 on Windows 10 x64 21H2 incl. all latest updates ) I didn't back-fill my databases for a couple of weeks ( 1 database with Forex and 1 database with stock symbols ) and up until a couple of weeks ago ( until TWS version 10.15.X or 10.16.X ) everything was working fine and yesterday I tried to update ( back-fill ) my databases using the lastest version of TWS ( 10.17.1q ) and neither was I able to get streaming realtime quotes, nor was I able to back-fill any symbol in either of the 2 databases. The status on the Interactive Brokers plug-in ( version 2.0.10 ) in AmiBroker says:
"Connected OK
Last message from TWS:
Msg -1, 2158, Sec-def data farm connection is OK: secdefil"

and also all data status in TWS is green.
for example:
Market Data Connections - all green and connected
Farm Name, Purpose, Status
( 8 lines in total all green and connected )

API Connection (listening on *:7492 ) - all green and accepted
3 example lines from API connections:
Peer IP:port - Client ID - 34 Status accepted
Peer IP:port - Client ID - 135 Status accepted
Peer IP:port - Client ID - 136 Status accepted
etc...( 11 lines in total all green and accepted ) no realtime quotes in AmiBroker and no back-fill. When I press the Backfill Current command on the plug-in it simply says: Backfilling(#1) A (1/6)...( for a stock symbol ) or Backfilling(#2) AUD.CAD-IDEALPRO-CASH (1/1)...( for a forex symbol ) but it does nothing and is stuck until Backfill timed-out due to IB throttling Retrying in XX seconds...appears.
Does anyone know what is going on there ? did anything change in TWS settings maybe ? Please help.

@Neltum, this was already addressed here.

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