No backtest data for

Assistance is greatly appreciated.

Here is the chat link in Google Messenger.

@tedpenner are you aware that you are making a request about a specific file that no others user here in the forum may own?

Paraphrasing @Tomasz: "Here we don’t have a crystal ball".

"" is a formula you wrote yourself, did you get/download it from some website or someone else custom-wrote it for you?

In the latter case, you should ask directly the author for assistance.

And, if you got it from a public site you should post it here, crediting the source, and explaining to us what problems are you facing.
In the same way, if it is something you wrote it, simply post it, again with a note about what's wrong.

I hope not to offend you (in such a case, I apologize in advance), but looking at your post history, I have the impression that you hired someone to write for you an advanced system to trade options, but unfortunately, your understanding of how AmiBroker/AFL works is still too limited to be able to use it properly.

I saw also your recent request for remote tutoring: I wish you soon to find someone that will take care of that, but IMHO, at the same you should do a serious effort to self-educate yourself: the official documentation, the function reference, the Knowledge Base, reading as much as possible this forum topics, will surely make your AmiBroker experience a lot easier!

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