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AmiQuote stopped being able to retrieve fundamental data for any stock.
Another Yahoo API/page change?

Yes Yahoo Finance page has changed. There will be AmiQuote 4.01 that addresses this change released this week.

Fixed in 4.01 now: AmiQuote 4.01 released

Is there still an issue with Yahoo Fundamental Extra? I'm using newest AQ 4.02 trying to get Switzerland stats and virtually all symbols fail when translations are involved, when calling AQ manually and through OLE (4.02 had current directory fix reapplied).

Please see attached screenshot with an example for AMS.S translated to AMS.SW in yahoofe.translations, stats available on Yahoo website , but still failing in AmiQuote 4.02:

And, if I switch to a database where I have AMS.SW symbol so no translation is needed, AQ imports stats as expected:

No there are no issues. Fundamental Extra data download works perfectly fine here (version 4.02):


Consider deleting IE history: How to delete cookies

Do NOT use Translation table for fundamentals. Use CORRECT symbols directly.

Thank you, Tomasz. So there was a change where the newest AmiQuote no longer supports translation table for Yahoo Fundamental Extra only? In a database with AMS.S symbol, I ran AQ fundamental import for AMS.SW and it worked, added fundamental data to AMS.S without creating a new/duplicate symbol (AMS.SW).

It uses translation table but not the one it should.

The problem is that translation table drop down combo hasn't been updated
and lists items in incorrect order. So Yahoo Fundamental which is SECOND option in the "Source" list
isn't SECOND on the Symbol Translation dialog. It is THIRD. And that is the problem
because it is supposed to be in the same order. So SECOND entry is used in fact ("Tiingo current")
for SECOND source (Yahoo fundamental).


So translation table would work if you use second item.
That is temporary workaround if you really must use translation table, but I advise against it. Instead you can just rename symbols in the database to correct ones.

This will be fixed in next update

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Hi, unfortunately, I have some problems regarding uploading fundamental data from Yahoo Finance. I use Amiquote 4.02 and I have tried to upload findamental data for a watchlist consisting of NYSE + NASDAQ. They were uploaded - until ticker CHK, beginning with ticker CHKE there is an error log "Yahoo Finance offers no key statistics for this symbol" / see screenshots attached.
Could you please help?Screenshot%201 Screenshot%202 Screenshot%203 Screenshot%204

Really please read AmiQuote Frequently Asked Questions

AmiQuote works as web browser. Always. And it just works. AmiQuote is ERROR FREE. If it displays an error it is error generated by THIRD PARTY web page. It has nothing to do with the browser and nothing to do with AmiQuote.

The procedure is ALWAYS the same - if you are having problem it is your local problem (for example internet connection problem) or third party web page problem, not AmiQuote problem.

Go to Yahoo Finance site with Internet Explorer, open relevant Statistics page for particular symbol and see what it displays:

If you try to display web page for CHKE

you will get N/A


So as you can see the message that AmiQuote displays is caused by simple fact that statistics for that symbol are not available on Yahoo web page.


I respect your time ressources and therefore, before posting here, I have originally tried to find a solution via both: Google search engine as well as Amibroker forum. Using Firefox, not IE, but it should not make any difference.
Anyhow, regarding my problem: the next one from the list with error log - CHKP is available in Yahoo Finance but I get the message "Yahoo Finance offers no key statistics for this symbol".
After that I dealt the watchilist (consisting of 5,500 symbols) into few smaller ones (up to 1,000 symbols) and the upload to Amibroker has worked.CHKP%201 Screenshot%203

It has been told you in number of times that AmiQuote is a WEB BROWSER. It can only download the content that is available on the server. If data are not present it can't magically "generate it" out of thin air.

As I wrote before:

Go to Yahoo Finance site with Internet Explorer, open relevant Statistics page for particular symbol and see what it displays

That is solution to ALL issues.

And yes it MAKES THE DIFFERENCE to use Internet Explorer not any other browser. Don't be victim of–Kruger_effect

Internet Explorer uses WINET (Windows Internet) part of OS and as such shares cookies with any other application that uses WINET (like AmiQuote). This is NOT the case for Firefox/Chrome/Safari that don't use WINET therefore (contrary to your invalid assumptions) it MAKES the whole world of difference what browser is used to check.

Yahoo occasionally BLOCKS people who download too much too fast. Blocks can be based on cookies / IP address and combination of them. And you can verify that using procedure described in this thread a couple of times already.

Just do it what is advised and accept the fact that if Yahoo blocks you because you abused the service the only option is to WAIT until they unblock you.

Every web page has policies and you have to respect them. If you download too much data too quickly you are doing DoS (denial of service) kind of attack and they will block you. Web sites track usage and prevent abusive activity. If you want to download thousands of symbols, use "human" download rates such as one per second.