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I am downloading US company data using amiquote from yaho and for some time there has been an unusually high volume with strange additions on the volume value label, e.g. volume: 27000e + 007 or e + 008. I was creating new bases in amibroker and it's the same. Is it the fault of the program? What could be the solution to this problem? Can an existing database be wiped?

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There is no problem at all.

1e+07 is just scientific notation for large numbers. It simply means 1 and seven zeros: 10000000


The point is that amiQuote has been getting such large volume values since August. In yahoo charts, volumes are normal. It cannot be removed. It is the same after creating a new database. Dozens of symbols on "A" have normal volume and the rest are increased disproportionately.
I was able to fix some symbols when I added them one at a time in amiquote Add symbol.> Start download but only managed to fix it 4. What's the matter, how do I fix it?

Please help

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You might be unlucky to get connected to the faulty Yahoo server that has volume multiplied by 100. If that happens you can either wait for Yahoo to fix faulty server or ad


or whatever other factor your volume figures need (0.01 scales back volume by 1/100).

I just noticed that the charts on yahoo are normal once with a normal volume value, and after a few moments when I refresh the same chart, it is in exaggeration that it has inflated volumes and there are no candles from September 3 to September 15 today, and after another moment the chart does not display at all - This chart is not available - all in one session. So it's not the fault of the amibroker but yahoo?


Yes, what you face is load balancing. Each time you click/refresh page you get data from different server, some servers are misbehaving and that is the reason. You can report problems with their web page to Yahoo. See The majority of quotes update, but some don't - #11 by Tomasz and Load Balancing And Yahoo!

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