No symbols in analysis - using Norgate

I am trying to run an analysis on a Watchlist using Norgate daily data. As you can see in the snapshot below I have selected the Russell 3000 (it does this for any Watchlist). On the left you can see that the Watchlist has symbols in it. And those symbols will produce charts. But when I select any Watchlist or Markets the analysis says zero symbols even though the Symbols tab on the left clearly shows that these Watchlists are populated. I have nothing selected in the Exclude tab (second snapshot below.) Any suggestions?



In the Analysis window, please click on "Apply to: Define..." button to bring up "Filter" window, then

press CLEAR button in both Include and Exclude tabs

then select just a watchlist, or other category you want to filter on and leave the other categories blank as they are.

The problem with your database is the naming convention. "Unassigned" does not mean unassigned. It is the NAME of actual market/group. So if you select "Unassigned" it means it must be actually ASSIGNED to the name that holds the name "unassigned" which is obviously misleading.

Therefore you should leave them BLANK instead (again press "CLEAR" button)


I hope that "a picture is worth a thousand words"


I figured it out less than a minute after I submitted this post! (of course!) I tried to cancel this post, but it said it was waiting for a moderator and I could not do anything with it.

Thank you guys for answering anyway.