NorGate Data TSX Volume too high

I have found the volume from NorGate for the TSX is constantly higher than what Google Finance, TMX, The Globe, Tradingview and Datalink show. Quite bit higher like 30 to 50% higher or more. I have tried adding together the EOD volumes from all the Canadian Exchanges but still nowhere near what NorGate presents. Does anybody else have this problem or can somebody explain to me why this is happening.
Thanks very much in advance

Our Canadian stock feed reports consolidated volume across all trading venues. i.e. Not just trading on TSX, but also from other exchanges and ECNs.

Perhaps you should be asking the other people about why they only show the primary-listing venue trades, as clearly there's plenty of trading being done elsewhere!

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Thank you for your quick reply Richard. I know NorGate is providing us with the information they are receiving from the exchanges but as I said I did add up what I cold find from each one. I just don't understand why the total's are so different. Nobody else responded so I guess I shouldn't be concerned.

The totals are different because the other sources are only using trades from a subset of the market.

Let's take a big stock listed on TSX: RY (Royal Bank of Canada). Today (16 Oct 2023), 9,376,554 shares were transacted on TSX alone. However, 1,0160,496 shares in total were traded for the day across all venues. This is the figure Norgate uses.

Now let's look at an ETF listed on TSX: XIU ( iShares S&P/TSX 60 ETF). Today, 2,170,181 shares were traded on TSX. However, across all venues, 4,860,176 shares were actually traded across all exchanges and ECNs.

Cboe Overview shows that trading across all TSX exchanges and vnues is only 57% of the picture. There's plenty of trading done elsewhere!

Thanks so much for the Cboe Overview link. I see other exchanges I wasn't aware of and can now understand why the varying differences in volume can occur.
Thanks alot for your help in clarifying this issue for me Richard!