Norgate database maintenance may (and will) overwrite watch lists

From time to time users contact us that they can not save. Apart from directory / files being read only and bad anti-virus putting data files into "quarantine", sometimes apparent non-ability to save turns out to be .... data vendor database maintenance.

In recent case inability to save watch lists in Norgate database turned to be the fact that Norgate would OVERWRITE many watch lists during "database maintenance".

So if you are using watch lists with Norgate please be aware that they will overwrite watch lists when you right click on plugin Status and choose "database maintenance".

Personally, I don't really like the idea of using watch lists the way Norgate does. I explained Norgate many times that watch lists are for users, not for data vendors. That vendors should rather use other categories such as groups, markets, sectors and industries, GICS and ICS, leaving watch lists untouched. Yet, Norgate decided to use watch lists for their own purposes. So just be aware of that fact and don't be surprised when watch lists get changed during database maintenance.

UPDATE: One clarification - since the message seems to be misinterpreted by some - when I say "many watch lists" it does not mean "all". It means many. In other words this applies to some (not all) of watch lists, i.e. those that were created/updated/maintained by Norgate. The purpose of this post is educational, i.e. to make people aware that any modifications done to watch lists that are maintained by Norgate will be lost during next database maintenance because Norgate would overwrite your edits. This is just information.