Norgate dialog box stops batch processing

I use the following batch commands to update my Norgate databases:

However, the batch gets stuck at this dialog, waiting for user input:

Is there a way to prevent dialog boxes like this one from causing the batch to get stuck so that my Norgate databases can always be updated without user intervention?

I happen to know @NorgateData are about to release a new Database Plugin Command of NorgateDatabaseMaintenanceSkipIfError. This will cope with the error thrown when a second copy of Amibroker is open and connected to the same database, and prevent it from halting a batch process.

I'm not sure if it will deal with the upgrade notification error. I suspect not, but you can check with

Norgate customer service confirmed that the command of NorgateDatabaseMaintenaceSkipIfError will work. However, they said that there is a risk associated with using this command, because now you are using an old plugin with new data.

So Norgate's recommended way of handling this is to close all AmiBroker sessions, and use a Windows batch file to launch the NDU and then AmiBroker like this:

REM Batch file to update Norgate and run daily AmiBroker batch
"C:\Program Files\Norgate Data Updater\bin\NDU.Trigger.exe" UPDATE CLOSE WAIT
"D:\AmiBroker\Broker.exe" /runbatch "E:\Batch files\" /exit

I hope this helps.



(Rant on)

For what it is worth: I don't see any technical reason:

  1. why using new data with old plugin should present any issue (or risk)? (Plugin should be written in forward and backward compatible way as AmiBroker is and able to read new data without problem)
  2. why updating the plugin itself should be a part of daily maintenance? I don't agree with the concept of updating software daily. If it needs to be updated daily it is simply not ready yet for public use. For example on Android when software notoriously spams my phone with updates all the time the first thing I do is to turn OFF automatic updates.

(Rant off)

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