Norgate not updating watchlist

Hi there,
I have come across an issue with the Norgate database for ASX stocks. I have exported the ASX market tickers to excel where I have conditioned them accordingly. When trying to import them back into a new watchlist whether through the import wizard or the type in symbol option only certain tickers are updated and linked to the database. If I then run a database update, the outstanding tickers are updated but then additional ones such as commodity futures suddenly appear in the database. As soon as I click on a different watchlist and then come back to the newly imported one everything disappears except for the ones that were updated the first time around.

Has anyone come across that issue?


This issue has been dealt with directly by Norgate Data support and can be closed here.

The issue appears to be that the imported symbols do not have the .au extension that is required for Australian stocks. eg. AAC instead of etc.